Basic SEO Optimization

Writing SEO optimized content is important if you are looking to improve your search engine rankings. As the major search engines undergo routine and more advanced algorithm changes, writing SEO optimized content becomes increasingly important. With these consistent changes, old tricks and former best practices sometimes don't work anymore. Keeping track of these changes is important if you want your site to perform in the top tier of search results.

Your goal as a business owner should always be to to rank in the top 10 search results for your main keywords. These keywords should be realistic and attainable with hard work and dedication. Let's discuss some of basic elements that are required before any SEO friendly content is written:

Anchor Text – Anchor text are the actual hyper-linked words that send your visitors to another page on the Internet. Anchor text hide the web address by providing a more efficient and cleaner link to another web location. Instead of using anchor text such as “HERE” in the commonly utilized “click HERE” phrase on websites, try being a little more descriptive. This will help search engines better understand what the link pertains to by the use of correct and descriptive keywords.

Meta Keywords – It is important for each page of your website to have a unique set of meta keywords in the head. These meta keywords should directly correlate with the content of each page. The keywords you choose should be similar in meaning to your primary keyword(s) of the particular page. For example, if your primary keyword is 'cellphone chargers' you may wish to use additional keywords to describe the types of chargers such as micro usb, mini usb, etc.

Meta Description – Similar to meta keywords, the meta description also goes in the head of each page of your website. Keep in mind this description should relate to the pages particular content and accurately describe it. Remember, meta descriptions should not be any longer than 150 characters.

Page Title – Your page title within the head of your page should be no longer than 70 characters. This title is shown at the top of a visitors browser window/tab and is also the first thing potential visitors will see when browsing search results. Page Title perhaps is the most important aspect of your web page and should not be taken lightly. Choosing a catchy and descriptive page title can be the difference between obtaining a visitor from search engines or being scrolled over by a searcher.

The above list are the most basic and essential SEO optimization requirements for any website on the internet, and most importantly for any website to be indexed by search engines properly. Without any of the above listed items, your website will not appear properly within the search engine results and could impact your ranking dramatically for your target keywords. After completing these basic SEO requirements, you are ready to move on to more advanced search engine optimization.