Advanced SEO Optimization

Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) includes the use of techniques that fall outside the basic realm of your website content. Advanced SEO techniques will help your websites search engine rankings just as basic SEO does. Advanced SEO also utilizes techniques that individuals may not be comfortable performing on their site due to the difficulty involved. Here is a list of some of the most useful advanced SEO techniques to help your website optimization:

XML Sitemaps – Creating a proper XML sitemap to submit to search engines will help search spiders better understand how to crawl your website and also alert them to the frequency that you plan on updating your site, which can encourage them to come back faster and re-crawl your site.

Link Wheels - A link wheel is a method of back linking that builds stronger and better back links. Many experts refer to these enhanced back links as “tiered link building”. By interconnecting your external back links you can create enhanced and powerful link wheels to attach to your website that will propel your site to the top of search results.

Avoid Non-Static Content – Avoiding Flash, AJAX, and Frames is a good SEO practice. The problem with these is that you cannot link to a single page, and often the content from within these are not indexed properly. You may have a great Flash video with lots of content, but it will not do you any good since search engine spiders can't see the content within your video. AJAX is another SEO issue as it allows visitors to change and update information on your web page without actually loading a new page. You may be using an AJAX based website because of the visual effects or the ease of navigation, but be aware that it will ultimately hurt you when trying to rank for keywords in search engines.

Provide Image Descriptions – Link the Flash and AJAX examples above, image content can't be crawled by search engine spiders. Luckily you can utilize “ALT” tags to provide an accurate description of what the image contains. Search engine spiders will be able to crawl “ALT” tags, and will utilize them to better understand the image you are showing on your website.

Develop Relationships – Developing relationships with other websites is an easy and efficient way to drive additional traffic to your website, and also boost your websites search engine ranking. By personally talking with webmasters of related websites, you can build partnerships or exchange visible links on your websites. Also, be sure that the websites you partner with utilize quality SEO so you do not become tied to a website utilizing bad SEO.

By following these points above, you will have successfully dived into Advanced SEO Optimization, which many webmasters never touch. This will set you apart in the search engine rankings and help set you apart from rival websites and your competition.