SEO Strategy Quotes

“OK Lets get some stuff right. SEO isnt Just for Christmas. nor is it easy to turn it round in large corporate dinosaurs.”

“Big Brands have massive changes to culture, internal buy in, stake holder mentality before a decent SEO strategy can be put into play”

“Anyone who does SME SEO should realise that their approach to SEO isnt the same as approach to Big Business – a lot more strategy needed”

“If you havent dealt with large ancient CMSs you wont know what I am talking about. Some times it’s next to impossible to change culture…”

“So although a Strategist would be politically better in Big Brands, a technically adept SEO may find better solutions.”

“It took me and a team of 20 to shift a complete Search Strategy from £15 million in revenue to £40 Million. Over 2 years.”

“So dear SEOs – when you see a big player responsible for a large brand and then see they have shit SERPs dont delude yourself.”

“There maybe more than meets the eye. A Real strategist wont go for quick wins – I take sustainability over short term success any day.”

“So taking it back to point- know your skills- and know who you work with complements you – dont try and get political if you haven't got it.”