Liveblogging Schedule

From what I’ve heard the session length and skill level lie somewhere between SES and the excellent SEOmoz Pro seminar, which can only be a good thing. So I’m expecting talks that go beyond the usual rehashed basics, absolutely NO sales pitches (or I will be brutal, you have been warned – save that shit for Internet World), and hopefully some clever new ideas and crucially how some top marketers actually implement them.

The conference is happening over two days – the first focused on SEO and PPC, the second on Social Media and Analytics. Here’s the sessions I’m planning on attending, and (marbles/wifi permitting) blogging from:

Day One – Monday 17th May 2010:

  • Keynote Address
  • SEO Ranking Factors In 2010
  • Leveraging Digital Assets For Maximum SEO Impact
  • Link Building Outside Of The Box
  • Keyword Research: Beyond The Ordinary

Day Two – Tuesday 18th May 2010:

  • Proving Social Media’s Value
  • Bullseye! Reaching and Closing Your Ultimate Customer
  • Top Ten Customised Search Analytics Reports
  • Social Media, Search & Reputation Management
  • Give It Up! Social Media Edition