SEO Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting refers to creating content that will allow your website to better rank in search engines. Quality content is the cornerstone of this process, and should not be taken lightly. Generally speaking, the higher quality content you have, the better you can expect your website to rank among the top search engines. There are several steps you can follow to produce quality SEO Copywriting:

Keyword Density – Keyword density refers to the number of keywords you have in your content in relation to the rest of the article. Keyword density is preached on my SEO related websites, but today it no longer carries an effect. This is important to note, as you should be writing for your reader and not trying to fit as many keywords as possible into your content. Putting keywords into sentences where they do not belong will just hurt your site and bring your content quality scores down.

Write for Visitors – Writing content specially designed for your niche demographic with your visitor in mind is what you need to focus on. Nobody wants to read SEO organized content meant for search engine robots. There is really no point to writing SEO content if your goal is to rank in search engine results, because once you start gaining visitor traction they will not enjoy reading your website.

Optimize for Robots – By focusing your content towards visitor quality, you will be creating quality content by nature. But, there is nothing that stops you from optimizing this content to better suit search engine spiders. This means using “ALT” tags where appropriate and using as little AJAX and Flash as possible.

Long Quality Content – Long content involves pages that have over 2,000 words. There is strong evidence that longer quality content will gain you more traction within search engine results. By focusing on teach topic in-depth and providing multiple viewpoints, you are creating the type of quality content that the top search engines love.

Share Your Content – By utilizing social media you can quickly expand the reach of your website before it even ranks on search engines. This will only help index your site faster as more visitors and social shares will only encourage a faster index time by search engine spiders. Google Plus is a great example of social sharing. The search engine Google factors “+1's” into its algorithm, which is important to keep in mind.

Title Tags & Descriptions – Title tags are still the most important aspect to your website. What is the first thing that search engines show in their results pages? That's right, the title of the specific web page and the individual description. This is why every page of your website should have a unique title and description that accurately summarizes the page's content.

Following these SEO Copywriting guidelines will improve your site's search engine ranking, and the social presence of your website. This is essential for any successful business, as it grows.